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June 8, 2018

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(at)Tempting Italian

May 17, 2018


2018 is currently going to be the summer we remember sweltering, not because of the sun, but because we spent an entire three months asking permission for permissions during the preposterous GDPR Epoch. A.K.A. Sorry I can't reply to your email with an answer, unless you give me permission to email you back! I can't bear it. I'm British, I'm apologetic enough for my own existence. So, instead I'm choosing to swelter elsewhere. 

I going to dull out the noise about this nonsense and seek out a land where everyone is unapologetically Eat-Pray-Love-ing all over the place and hopefully not talking about GDPR*. I'm going to Italy. 


But first, I must appologise. Just to clarify, (until I get my DNA analysed) despite my multi-ethnic background, none of my forebears, that I know of; are Italian. I've no lovely Italian Nona to learn recipes from. I've never even been to Italy.(Shame on Me!) But, this summer, I am going to attempt to change that. I'm going to attempt, to tempt with the world's favourite food: Italian...Tempting Italian. I'm going to be attempting Italian. (See what I did there?)


I'm going to find out how Italian food is so good and in my tiny ugly kitchen in South London, I'll be trying out recipes with the best seasonal produce I can get my hands on, I might even have some veg from my allotment. Most of exciting of all, I'm going to go straight to a horse's mouth to ask for some Italian cooking advice.  


A friend recently said, so you're basically, I'm going to (be Aziz Ansari in Master of None, before he became unpopular and) go Italy for a food experience of all food experiences. 


Yes. I am. 


Until then, for meaty Monday, I'm making lush lamb cutlets, in a crumble of zesty garlic-y parmesan, served on a pillow of polenta, some scattered asparagus and crunchy ocas with my all time favourite garnish: gremolata. 

Am I sure, I'm not Italian, you ask? 



(*Excuse my assumptions. They are talking about it in Italy and O.K, GDPR is actually something not to be taken lightly as we must respect our fellow humans and CONSENT is of course one of the pillars of what it is to be human, etc.) 




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