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June 8, 2018

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Cotto gets a coel(iac) of approval

November 18, 2016


££  #Italian #Gluten Free #Wine Bars

89 Westminster Bridge Road
London SE1 7HR



What's life like without Pasta when #carblife is the best life?


You poor gluten-free eaters across the city.

You're either banished to Bibimbap, out trawling for corn tacos, or scouring the city in search of good steak and frites.
Give us thy daily bread! You ask.  

At Cotto, it is done. Well, not bread, pasta.


Essentially, Cotto have carb(on) copied everything off their regular menu, to offer special versions safe for those with less veritable villi. 




My dinner date, however, gave his coel(iac) of approval; he was confounded, it was great to find dishes that didn't revolve around rice. Happy was I, where multiple choices of wheat-free wonders presented, I wanted him to take his time. Go head babes: you peruse that pasta! However my guest of gluten-free honour wasn't given the good grace to mull over the menu for long enough without being rushed.


I felt like Cotto's main USP was more of a gluten-free gimmick as there wasn't much care involved in creating the dishes equally. 

To start, my baby octopus came drowned in a sea of sweet tomatoes, a sauce that really needed reducing, both in size along with a good simmering down from being a watery thin passata.

As a starter it overcompensated, far too huge a dish! 


​I found an overly salty/ sweet theme repeated. A tinned tomato taste featured again, ubiquitous across most of the dishes delivered to our table and the starter-to-mains ratio of sauce was also unequivocally uneven. Our starters swam in sauce whereas our mains were scantly splashed. My main, a lacklustre prawn linguini seemed disappointingly dry and un-lovingly made.  


Cotto could do with shaking up the menu a bit, I mean would it kill to serve some marrow, some fresh anchovies over fresh pasta?

Also, think about portion size, presentation? Pasta can be pretty too!


First impressions of Cotto are it's bustling, warm, inviting and busy even, but dare I say when you get too busy, you get tired. 

Although I was underwhelmed, my date will be going back without me no doubt. But it's also safe to say I'll probably be going back in the new year with some mate who's going gluten-free after the glut fest of Christmas.