... over food, amuse your eyes and your bouche. 

Find out how to make salacious salubrious plates 👈🏻 and discover where's hot for your next dinner dates. 


Navigate the food lovers heartland, with an aspiring foodie Barbara Cartland; find out if it's just all smoke and mirrors in finding satisfying dinners.


Join us on a quest of eating Michelin meals, whilst trying not to become the Michelin man. Get a sense of a woman incensed by bake-fails, London's nose-to-tails and has even resorted to growing her own kale; searching to satisfy eyes that are bigger than her bank balance.  


If you've thrown shade at a waitress too quickly taking away your plate; or if you've ever eaten at an unwelcoming place, or just felt plain sour grapes?

Enjoy corking stories, thoughts; and pinky-promise... no porkies. 


Now to chew the fat with Meals and Boon...





 Meals and Boon 🍳

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